Welcome to Outsiderism –

A way to think
outside yourself,
and to instill
a creative thinking habit each
and every day.

Leaders need more creativity and innovation: from themselves, from every employee, from everyone, as often as possible. But too often, “creativity” is seen as something you do in a once-a-year, offsite brainstorming meeting – rather than creating creative ideation as a dedicated practice, employed as often as possible where you need it. 

It begs the question “How can creative thinking become a habitual (even routine) way of working?”

Meet “Outsiderism” –  Outsiderism is a way to increase your ability and practice to do outside thinking, and to make it a HABIT. It’s a practice designed more as a “coaching” and habit-forming model, rather than employing “once every so often” creativity. The goal is to increase your ideation and innovation, make it a conscious part of your approach, develop your creative muscle memory, and to infuse more “outside thinking” into everything you do.

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